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Mission Statement


The term "Filigree" is most often associated with jewelry.  A rich tradition of craft dating back to classical antiquity, when ornamental work of fine detail was a symbol of luxury and a testament to high artisanship.  The level of detail and quality of filigree work is the true inspiration behind our name, and what we hope to achieve for our clients.  The value that was once placed in the details, nuances, and natural beauty of objects is now often lost in an age of quick solutions and mass production.  Call us old fashioned, but we believe that these lost details represent lost potential.
Filigree strives to create bespoke products for our clients that not only reflect the quality and attention to detail our name represents, but are thoughtful and truly unique to them.  We collaborate closely with our clients to provide seasoned aesthetic guidance and creative solutions with the goal of creating products that are truly one-of-a-kind.  Our clients include architects, interior designers, corporations, alumni associations, hospitality groups and property management companies who seek bespoke products and services that are site and project specific.
Filigree takes pride in being the benchmark for the highest standard in the industry for all things bespoke.  We welcome you to explore what is possible, and invite the opportunity to work with you in creating products worth celebrating.


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